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Incorporated in 2003, Webanywhere works with over 4,000 corporates and educational organizations, supporting over 3 million learners worldwide. With a background in the education sector, we have successfully transitioned into corporate learning, enjoying rapid growth in both sectors internationally. We have customers across the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Asia/Pacific region, ranging from small schools to multinational corporations.

Already used by over 3,000 schools in the UK, School Jotter was developed by Webanywhere to revolutionise the way school websites are built. In four easy steps, you can create a unique school website design for your school customised with exciting features such as quizzes, polls, slideshows and videos.

Not only is School Jotter a school website design platform but also a CMS (content management system) and hosting service designed specifically to meet the needs of schools. School Jotter includes software?modules that help educators with creating school surveys, organising?parents’ evenings and improving pupils’ spelling.

Why Choose Us?

At Webanywhere, we will always stretch beyond – and therefore exceed the expectations of our customers. To make sure we meet the needs of every customer every time, our e-learning solutions are designed for the requirements of users, not technicians.

Our Brand Story

At Webanywhere, it’s important that our brand is synonymous with our beliefs and values, which is why we created a dynamic and powerful identity that communicates our vision.

How Our Brand Delivers

With over 4,000 clients, we are one of the leading specialist providers of website, ePortfolio and LMS solutions. As a company, we live the values of stretching beyond and believe in the power of lifelong learning and growth. Because we believe in providing the highest level of service to our customers, we incessantly expand our knowledge and skills to cover all our new markets.

Our Identity

Webanywhere is proud to live our tagline: stretch beyond. The starting concept for our logo was a ‘tree of knowledge’, as it epitomises lifetime learning. This then evolved into a rubber tree to represent stretching, movement and learning – the ideal partner to our tagline. The nature-inspired colour scheme of green and white completes the concept, which is now easily recognised as the Webanywhere brand.

Key Beliefs

Mission statement: create innovative web-based learning solutions to enable you to stretch beyond and reach your potential.

Our passion is fueled by lifelong learning and nurturing innovative ideas, which has been the case since Webanywhere formed in 2003. Our company’s culture and personality are defined by our core values and beliefs.

webanywhere history timeline

We Stretch Beyond:

Boundaries – We continuously push the boundaries of innovation and possibility. There is no end point for us; it’s a perpetual process.

Today – We know lifelong learning can enhance lives and promote self-esteem, which is why we are always looking at new ways to help make this happen.

Knowledge – By enabling learning and development worldwide, we are increasing prosperity in our global community.

Expectations – We love exceeding customer expectations and by providing them with the ideal solutions, we help these schools and organizations stretch beyond and reach their goals.


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